A final update to this website to reflect that Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom is no longer an active project.  There will be no further music made or released under this moniker.

As a farewell to the barren landscapes, dreadful nightmares and negative emotions that have inspired and fueled me over the years I have updated the bandcamp profile to include a 'complete discography deal'.  This gets the listener all 8 releases available on bandcamp for just £7.80 (or more of feeling generous).

Thanks to all who have encouraged, supported, or somehow contributed towards making this particular chapter in my musical endeavours happen.  And massive "FUCK YOU" to anybody who attempted to stand in my way whilst the project was active.  You didn't hinder a damn thing, your only legacy remains in the hatred I recorded.

This is not the end of my making music, however.  Something else is on the horizon creeping up slowly behind you.  Those chosen few who have supported me in the past will be made aware in time of it's form and focus.  The rest will be taken unawares in due course.

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