Having time to think is a dangerous thing, it's worse when you have time left over to put what you've thought about into action.  I have decided that BNIIPOTD will suffer one more album in Formaldehyde.  In the time between now and its release, there will also be the release of بعل الذباب sometime in January of 2013, this was recorded earlier this year for my work  with the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub, and they currently are hosting mp3s of the individual tracks for free.  As usual for my work on this website, I will offer it in a variety of audio formats and perhaps include some bonus items for the few who get in there first.

Expect also a couple of singles and remixes prior to Formaldehyde's release.  After Formaldehyde, BNIIPOTD will cease to be except as a spirit of unpleasant times to be invoked for the very rare and occasional expansion of the Music for Ritual series, which of course will be free to download. 

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